Barnes & Noble Signing

This weekend, I experienced my first Barnes&Noble event. It all started on Friday, March 27, when the Pre-K class from Tupelo Christian Preparatory School came on a field trip to hear me read the books at the store. They had plenty of wild animal stories to share — as well as tons of LOUD roars. Thank you, Ponies!

My daughter, Emily, joined me on the adventure, snapping photos and hiding behind shelves to avoid any attention from the crowds. At one point, a child spotted her and shouted, “There she is! I see her!” The whole class was trying to sneak a peek at the famous photographer, who quickly hid behind the stacks. She’s struggling to adapt to her newfound fame!

BIG thanks to Community Relations Manager, Allyson Barnes, who treated Emily and me like royalty. She gave us a behind-the-scenes tour of the store, sharing the ins and outs of corporate bookstore operations. We learned about receiving and shipping, counting and shelving, and the best secret of all — the Barnes&Noble cafe. We were treated to a yummy chocolate chip Frappuccino, and now we’re hooked!

The next day, Saturday, March 28, we returned for 1:00 storytime. I arrived a bit early to sign some books, then read to a small gathering of young families, and stayed to sign for another hour or so before heading out around 3 pm. The signing went well, and I was excited to meet tons of colorful characters who stopped to chat – many of whom purchased books, too…thankfully. The photo below shows some of my most talkative visitors who insisted they were Huge Fans! (wow!) All in all, we had a fabulous adventure and a fun launch into the world of corporate signings. Thanks Tupelo!

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