Thank You – Square Books, Jr.

Saturday morning storytime at Square Books, Jr. on the beautiful Oxford Square is unlike anything else. I was extremely grateful to have yet another big turnout for my reading, and humbled yet again by the gracious and generous Oxford community who continue to boost my sales.


I was overwhelmed again by the positive feedback you provide about these little books. “I’m using these for baby gifts from now on,” said several in line. “These are my new standard baptism gifts,” said another. Many asked me to sign the books “Happy Easter!” and one sweet shopper bought the book for his yet to be born nephew, asking me to sign it “For ?”.

The incredibly talented Jill Moore – sage, scribe, and all around hero to book lovers everywhere – entertained us all with her magical guitar. Who doesn’t love to sing along to E-I-E-I-OOOOOO and There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly? Thanks for everything, Jill!

If you haven’t been to Oxford, Mississippi, you need to plan a trip soon. We are lucky to have not one, but THREE bookstores on our square: Square Books, Off Square Books, and Square Books, Jr. Of course, our favorite haunt is the children’s version, where my own little ones are always guaranteed smiles. Here’s Adam at the end of the signing, playing with one of the many awesome puppets you can find in store.

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