Thanks Parkview Baptist School!

What a treat! I was invited to read my books to the preschool and kindergarten students at the school where my brother and sister attend.

Thanks to Parkview Baptist School in Baton Rouge for welcoming me to your busy campus. (See Emily with my sister Jessica below).


We started by reading to the six giggly, wiggly preschool classes before they bounced outside for egg hunts.dscf1056

Here’s a happy shot of two classes joined together for a reading. You can tell we heard plenty of original ideas from this group.  Serious thinkers!


We wrapped up the preschool visit with animal cracker treats and hurried over to the elementary school where six kindergarten classes carried us through the rest of the day. They listened so intensely, I was amazed how much they enjoyed the books. They interacted with passion and told me all sorts of crazy stories about puppy dogs sleeping on their heads and fish who jump out of their bowls. You name it, wacky animal adventures seem to run rampant with this crew.


Here’s a final smile from Emily and my brother Joshua.


Josh and Jessie — I love you both SO much!

Special thanks to the Elementary Librarian, Ms. Susan Melsheimer, for organizing a successful author event and for letting me join you today.

Thanks also to the Parkview Baptist Church Preschool visit coordinators, Ms. Zeigler and Ms. Cox. What a fantastic experience – one I will cherish always.

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