Two Ways You Can Help

Every day, I receive kind offerings from friends and family members who say, “What can we do to help?” I’ve been excited to find everyone so supportive of these little books, and I’ve been brainstorming for something to say when I am asked this question.

If you want to help share these books with children around the world, you can take two simple steps.

First, log onto,, and other websites where my books are sold. Then, write a review of the books for readers shopping online. I personally rely on reader reviews when I buy books, and I think other parents like to hear how children respond to the books.

Second, if you’re shopping in town, please look for my books in bookstores. If you don’t see them there, please ask the store manager to order them for the store. Usually, that’s all it takes for books to end up on shelves. If you let me know, I’ll be happy to follow up with the store, too.

Thanks so much for asking for ways you can help and for considering these important ways you can contribute.


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