Mother’s Day


Wow – I just enjoyed the most fabulous Mother’s Day weekend ever. I joined my family at our cabin for a much needed weekend retreat. For two days, we did nothing but play, relax, read, and rest. We all feel revived, and I thought I’d share one of my favorite photos from the weekend.

While I was counting my many blessings, I also was thinking of loved ones for whom such days are not all fun and games. My friends who have lost a child, a mother, or the hope of having children. My friends whose mothers are ill, broken hearted, or addicted to things other than the love of their children. I have said many prayers this weekend for them all.

Today I encourage to you reflect. Remember. Reach out.



One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. Many times I feel that we should all be grateful regardless of our victories or our losses.

    Your blessings are clearly very big; I know the feeling.

    Reflect, Remember & Reconcile…good advice.

    Thank you.

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