Meet Missy Pricklesworth


Yesterday, my co-worker Nora brought her pet hedgehog to work with us for the day. Missy Pricklesworth was born February 27 in Chattanooga, Tenn.

I had never held a hedgehog, and I was really amazed by this fascinating little being. She wasn’t exactly what I would call “tame” because she frequently delivered warning hisses and preferred to curl up in a ball and hide under her safety blanket (a cozy green towel nestled inside a wicker basket that looked much like Dorothy’s ToTo basket from the Wizard of Oz).


Petting her felt a bit like rubbing a stiff horse brush, but the spikes weren’t super sharp as I imagined they’d be. Petting a cactus would be much worse. 

While she didn’t really like to be pet on her tummy, her underside was super soft. I thought she was the cutest when she rolled all the way up and showed only her nose. I related well to her — turned up nose and big, poufy fro that can be intimidating to strangers (smile).


Here’s a cute family photo of Nora with Jason (the sweet guy who gave Nora this incredibly, unique gift for her recent birthday).


She enjoyed crawling around in my lap and then settled in for a little snuggle. Once she relaxed, she really liked being held close and pet on her back. She also kept trying to crawl up my sleeves. I am in awe of the many different creatures on this planet, and I feel privileged to have spent a day working with a hedgehog. Another fabulous experience on my little journey.


For the record, hedgehogs are legal in the state of Mississippi but are illegal in many states. This hedgehog was purchased from a licensed breeder and is fully vaccinated and well-loved.

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