WordServe Literary Agents and Blogs


July 30, I was honored to write a guest post for Rachelle Gardner’s succesful blogsite http://cba-ramblings.blogspot.com/. The post, which provided tips for authors about planning a successful book signing, received tremendously positive feedback from Rachelle’s 200,000+ followers and gave my little site quite a boost in hits.

Rachelle is the partner to my literary agent, Greg Johnson. Together, along with much help from Becky Johnson (Greg’s wife), they form WordServe Literary Agency, a well-established firm that has represented numerous leading authors.

Greg alone has represented more than 40 books that reached #1 Status in the industry, and he also has more than 200 best-sellers notched in his belt.

Since partnering with Greg, Rachelle has quickly claimed a corner of the market — already finding such success that she no longer is able to accept unrequested submissions.

While that is sad news for those of you out there looking for an agent, the good news is that this rapid growth has led to the addition of yet another new WordServe partner, Caleb Seeling — and he IS accepting submissions.

Specifically, Caleb is looking for authors who speak to the 18-35 year crowd, and he is interested in general market fiction and non-fiction. Learn more about Caleb Seeling by visiting his blog: http://calebjseeling.blogspot.com/

I am pleased to be a part of the WordServe family, and I look forward to a long and healthy relationship with their talented team.


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