Halloween – Pagan or Just Plain Fun?

Happy Halloween

Since my last two posts about Halloween, I’ve received quite a few emails — many expressing their own family’s fun plans for the holiday, and a few asking how in the world a Christian writer can support the “pagan” traditions of Halloween.

I’ll respond with photos because I don’t see any evil children here, do you? These kids don’t even know what the word “pagan” means, much less are they out to scar any souls.

boys trick-or-treat

I certainly don’t claim to be the voice of Christians — not by any means — but I will say that I think anything we can do to foster creativity and imagination is a good thing. If Halloween gives kids a reason to pretend and have fun, then I’m all for it. Trick-or-Treat in our neighborhood is a fabulous, family-friendly event that we look forward to each year.


girls trick-or-treat

I always appreciate hearing from you. It is tricky sometimes, however, to respond to all the emails. I’d love to see your comments posted on the blog — and then you can converse with each other about all your fabulous thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Happy Imagining!


3 thoughts on “Halloween – Pagan or Just Plain Fun?

  1. First off awesome costumes!!

    Secondly, I think if you are a good parent, then your children will see and do as you do. So, if you are teaching them that Halloween is evil….well…you get it.

    I have a 2 year old. I’m going to teach her just like I will for any other holiday…what is right and what is wrong. Trick or treating is awesome fun….if it’s just that or fun pranks. If you start getting into the evil of it well thats completely different.

    We are the examples….you can be a Christian and promote fun and safety.

    Love, Jess

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