Pumpkins and Gourds

You probably have a few pumpkins or gourds left from Halloween. Add a Hula-hoops and voila’! You’ve got a game that will keep your little ones laughing.

Place the pumpkin(s) or gourd(s) on the ground and let children take turns trying to toss the Hula-hoop around them.

Follow their lead, and adjust the game to fit their short attention spans. When it’s time for a change…adjust easily by making an obstacle course using the hoops and pumpkins/gourds.

Then try pushing the pumpkins/gourds with brooms. Aim for a large box (turned sideways with opening facing the child).

Of course, you can also form a line and pass the pumpkin/gourd under your legs to the person behind you. After passing the pumpkin/gourd, run to the back of the line to get another turn.

Finally — bake a pumpkin pie from scratch, roast pumpkin seeds, or just have fun playing in the goop!

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