Practice Random Kindness

Need one more Thanksgiving idea for the holidays? Try Secret Acts of Kindness!

Write the name of each family member on a separate slip of paper and place them in a bag. Have each family member draw one name of another family member. That is now their secret person to bless.

The next day they are to do something to show that person that they appreciate them; BUT —  this is to be done secretly.

Think simple acts of kindness. Write a note, make a gift, do a chore for that person, etc. Teach your little ones how good it feels to show appreciation for others (without getting credit for it). Who knows — these random acts of kindness may just become a habit.



5 thoughts on “Practice Random Kindness

  1. What a great idea! As a mom with 4 kids, I think this would be GREAT to try (and I think my husband will agree too!). Thanks so much for sharing, Juile! You are a gift!!
    Cindy :)

    P.S. Someday I’d like to video my little Sarah reading your books. She’s in the 1st grade and reads your books to her animals every night before bed. It warms my heart to hear such powerful words of Truth coming from her room as she flips through the pages of your book. It’s such a precious time. THANK YOU for sharing your gift with us! :)

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