Super Science Sites for Kids!

It’s Science Fair time again for our kiddos, so I though the budding scientists in your home may enjoy some of these fun science sites (provided by Ms. Sarah Blom, Science Lab Teacher, Oxford Elementary School, Oxford, MS.).

Happy Experimenting!

Animal Games What do animals eat? What do they do all day? Play some games here and find out!

Brain Games! Test your cleverness with the fun and exciting games here.

Mr. Nussbaum It’s a thousand sites in one! Have a blast here with all the adventures Mr. Nussbuam can provide.

Primary Games Stop by and play games over just about anything!

Bitesize Take a look at different materials, chemicals, even light and sound. Stop by and play a few games. See how big your brain can grow!!

American Museum of Natural History presents Ology What’s out there is Outer Space? Take a peek around the stars and other things that make up our universe.

Weather Whiz Kids Learn and explore new things about our world and how WEATHER works!

Environmental Intelligence Unit Help out the EIU and solve a tricky mission to help our planet!!!

Crickweb by the BBC This site allows you to click Who? What? Where? When? How? or Why? and discover new things!

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