Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

elephant mother and baby

Want to give a meaningful Mother’s Day gift this year that Mom will really want to keep forever? Here are a few sentimental ideas that will let Mom know how much you care.

Bookmarks and Magnets: Take a photo of each child doing something silly to capture personality. Be sure the photo is a full-body close up. Once photos are printed, cut out around the image of the child. Help children paste their photo image onto a piece of colored cardstock that is the size of a bookmark. Write each child’s name and the year on the paper. Next, laminate the bookmark and give this to any mom who loves to read. If your mother isn’t a book lover, convert it for the fridge by attaching a strong magnet to the back with hot glue. 

Photo Books and CDs: What Mom doesn’t love to have photos of her kids? But with the wonderful invention of digital cameras, most of us have no time to actually organize or develop our family photos. Treat Mom to a photo book of memories from Snapfish, Walmart, or Walgreens. Better yet, surprise her by organizing her digital photos and backing them up to CDs arranged by event and date. (Wow! Hope my family gets this hint!)

Videos and Visuals: I’ll never forget the year my children went upstairs and created a special Mother’s Day dance just for me. They came down to perform, and we forgot to capture it on video. The memory will always be a favorite, but you can give your Mom a special surprise by videoing the kids doing a dance or song just for her. I assure you; this is a keeper!

Mama Says: Another of my most valued treasures is a list of quotes my daughter kept. It was titled, “Mama Says…”! She had been secretly recording some of my most infamous quotes. This is a fun way to capture the impact Mom has had on your life and to let her know you’ve really been listening all along.

Take time this Mother’s Day to appreciate the special mothers in your life and for savoring each moment you have to be a mother.

“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me.  They have clung to me all my life.”   – Abraham Lincoln

Cheers, j

2 thoughts on “Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. There is nothing more special to a mom than a hand-made gift from our children’s heart. I never grow tired of getting digital art (oftentimes animated) created by my grown son. Happy Mother’s Day!

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