Speech and Hearing Questions Answered

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month, so it’s the perfect time to talk about your child’s communication development. Many of you know me as a mother or an author, but you may not realize that I am also a certified speech-language pathologist with a passion for helping people of all abilities share their thoughts with the world.

When people find out I’m an SLP, they usually have questions that go something like these:

  • “When is my son going to stop saying his name is Dan? It’s really Stan.”
  • “Sometimes, Scarlett says /t/ instead of /k/. Last night, she kept asking for some “take.”
  • “How can I get Sawyer to stop stuttering? He starts every sentence with /la,la,la…./ no matter how many times I tell to stop.”
  • “No one can understand what Hudson says except me. He gets so frustrated when he tries to tell people something. Sometimes he loses his temper and gets into trouble at preschool, but I think it’s because he can’t tell them what he needs.”
  • “Everyone thinks Marley is stubborn, but I think she might be having trouble hearing.”
  • “Sophie doesn’t like to play with other kids. At playgroup, she spent the entire time lining up the toys and organizing everything. She would get angry when another child tried to take a toy and mess up her arrangement. We finally had to leave because she became so upset with the other children, she started to bang her head against the wall and wouldn’t stop. People think she doesn’t listen well enough and is spoiled, but I’m not sure she always understands what I say. The doctor says she’s fine and that she’ll talk more when she’s ready, but I have a gut feeling that something isn’t right.”

If you’ve ever wondered about your child’s speech and language development or worried that s/he may not be hearing appropriately, then you are not alone. Most parents pay careful attention to notice any signs of hearing loss or language delays in their young children. Because you know your child better than anyone, this is the key to diagnosing any difficulties as early as possible to allow for early intervention.

Here on my blogsite, I’ll tackle different topics of speech/language development throughout the month of May. In the meantime, feel free to submit specific questions to me by leaving a comment or via email: juliepcantrell@bellsouth.net. I’ll do my best to answer as many as possible.

I hope you and your little ones have a fabulous day filled with meaningful interactions and shared communication.


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