Father’s Day Fun

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Looking for something more meaningful than another hat or tie this Father’s Day weekend? Forget the gifts. Instead, try these family-friendly activities that will have you laughing together. Now, go find Dad and let the memories begin!

  1. Wash the car and play in the water
  2. Ride bikes and honk the toy horn every time you pass something red
  3. Take a hike and connect with nature
  4. Look through family photos or organize a new album
  5. Watch home movies and pass the popcorn (and tissue)
  6. Take family snapshots of kids and Dad doing silly things together
  7. Make Dad’s favorite dessert and sing “Happy Father’s Day to You!” with loud off-key voices before digging in
  8. Try old-fashioned backyard games such as sack races and hoola-hoop contests
  9. Walk the dog
  10. Give dad a back rub (for little ones, this could be funny)

Don’t forget to end the day with a big family hug!

Sunday School teachers — if you’re looking for something simple and sweet to give to your class dads this year, try this. Ask each child to name something they like about their dad. (Ex: “He makes pancakes.” Or “He tickles me.”)

Help children write nice things about Dad on cardstock. Then, let them decorate the card with Dad’s favorite color or magazine pictures of his favorite hobbies, etc.



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