25 Things To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

Next time your kids complain, “There’s nothing to do!” — try these tried-but-true tricks of the trade.

  1. Play Rock, Paper, Scissors
  2. Arm wrestle or thumb wrestle
  3. Push palms together to see who can push the hardest
  4. Stack hands one atop the other, pulling out the hand at the bottom and bringing it up top. Now try fists and arms.
  5. Play with your child’s hair and let your child play with yours
  6. Draw a letter on your child’s back or arm with a finger and see if he or she can guess. Take turns.
  7. Practice tying shoes
  8. Let your child try on your watch, jewelry, or glasses
  9. Count by twos, threes, fives, tens
  10. Count backward from 100
  11. Pick a number between one and 10
  12. Say words to spell or rhyme with
  13. Whisper secrets, silly and serious
  14. Say “Tell me three things you did today”
  15. Tell a story or poem, taking turns one sentence at a time
  16. Hide something (even just your thumb) in one fist — guess which hand?
  17. Count your change and your bills, make stacks or snakes with coins; fold and roll bills
  18. Flip a coin.
  19. Show your child pictures in your wallet or contents in your purse
  20. Try to retell a favorite storybook
  21. Give/receive an invisible manicure or pedicure
  22. Have your child name all friends or family members
  23. Steal your child’s nose
  24. Play simple games such as the quiet game, staring contest, or straight face
  25. Speak Pig Latin
  26. Conduct an interview of your child, as if on TV or radio

Adapted from Timewasters

5 thoughts on “25 Things To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

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  2. God bless you all for the Ministry-To-Children
    e-newsletter. It has enlightened me so much and given me great ideals to use with my sunday school class which consist of children ages 3 – 14 yr. old. Thank you very much for offering a Web-site like this one.

  3. theres also practice tying shoes, coloring, cutting out shapes, READING (aloud and silently), not to mention exploring outside; send the kids on a scavenger hunt. Ask them to find two rocks, a stick, a perfect leaf, a feather, etc…This could keep them busy for hours.

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