Take a Rest on Southern Belle Porch

I’ve been honored to serve as a guest blogger this week on the fabulous Southern Belle View blogsite. If you’re interested in knowing more about Southern Literature, I invite you to swing by their porch to read my post: http://southernbelleview.blogspot.com/search/label/Very%20Special%20Guests

And, if you’re up for reading yet another blogpost I’ve written this week, check out the WordServe Water Cooler where I join other WordServe authors on a fabulous new blog for writers. http://wordservewatercooler.com/

Both of these blogs are great ones to follow if you’re interested in writing or southern authors. Thanks for stopping by, and have a fantastic week!


5 thoughts on “Take a Rest on Southern Belle Porch

  1. Julie, I just can’t describe how proud of you I am on your fantastic novel. (Although you know I have ALWAYS been proud of you). If you sat and did nothing at all, I would still be proud of you. Haha, we both know that would never happen! You’re like a little hummingbird – always in flight. Seriously, the book was fantastic. You give the reader so many different emotions – sadness, laughter, fear, hope, etc. You showed your incredible gift of writing by drawing the reader into the world of Millie. Congratulations, my precious niece, on your first novel – with MANY, MANY more to come. I love you, Aunt Darlene. P.S. – I’m your biggest fan! (um, just not like the one in “Misery”.) LOL

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