Day 1: Christmas Advent-tures Build Stronger Family Connections

It’s official…I’m old. There’s no denying it because I’m now at the age when I say things like, “What? It’s already December? Where did 2011 go?”.

The sad reality is that with my own advancing age, my children are getting older too. This makes me want to cling fiercely to every little Christmas tradition I hold so sacred, including our morning ritual of opening a numbered pocket on our handmade advent calendars to find tiny ornaments to hang on our miniature trees. Sentimental…that’s me. 

And I figure I’m not the only one. That’s why … this year …  I’ll be posting a fun family activity for each of the 25 days of Christmas. I hope you and your little ones enjoy counting down with us and that you all find special ways to savor the season.

SO, Let’s begin!

Today…December 1: It’s time to break out the Christmas book collection. My grandmother started this collection in our family. My mother added many cherished titles, and I’ve been steadily stashing away children’s books about the holidays for years.

Every December 1, we pull them all out…but the collection can be overwhelming. That’s why I love  Oopsey Daisy‘s idea to let kids open just one book a day until Christmas. Of course, if you’ve got more than 25 books, let each child open one…or choose your favorite 25 to wrap and keep a basket of the rest tucked under the coffee table.

One of our favorite titles includes Dream Snow by Eric Carle because each page has a secret image we have to reveal from behind a blanket of snow…plus we can push a magic button to make the tree sing at the end of the book. We also have an old pop-up Nativity Story that’s nearly falling apart from generations of tiny fingers swirling the shining star and swaddling Baby Jesus. And my own personal favorite is a beautiful paper scrapbook that brings us through the ABCs of the holidays. It was made by my grandmother when I was just three years old!

The books don’t have to be expensive. We love our LIttle Golden Book versions of classic stories such as Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and my mother has added fun versions of the Night Before Christmas that showcase our southern and Louisiana heritage.

Whether silly or spiritual, I hope your little ones enjoy unwrapping one Christmas book a day and that your holidays will spoil you all with tons of snuggly storytime!

Stay tuned for more simple ideas to keep your family spending quality time together throughout the Christmas season.


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