Day 3: Advent Day Three: Crafty Cone Trees

Image by Katie Steuernagle,

Oh how I love glue, glitter, and all things that kick creative little minds into  gear. Today, release your inner Martha Stewart with this super-simple starter. The options are endless, and your kiddos might create an entire forest for your mantel, coffee table, or special shelf.

How? You’re going to love this!

  1. Open a pack of white Solo water cooler cones.
  2. Break out the art supplies. Think paint, markers, glitter, yarn, felt, stickers, paper strips, buttons.

That’s pretty much all there is to it! Of course, the cones are flimsy and young children will need your help as they decorate them, but that’s where the family bonding comes in! And older kids might really enjoy letting their minds run free. (Don’t forget about supervision of course…I know I don’t have to remind you all about the risks of choking on things like buttons and swallowing things like paint, but I have written way too many magazine articles not to hear the editorial department shouting at me about the many ways this fun little craft could put the universe out of whack with such a high “danger factor.” :)

Remember, I’ll be posting a new idea each day throughout the Christmas season, so be sure to check out ideas for teaching kids about the epiphany as well as giving your kiddos 25 Books of Christmas.  Also feel free to subscribe to Julie’s Journal if you’d like new posts to be sent directly to your email inbox.


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