Day 7: Can’t-Fail-to-Connect Activities for Teens/Tweens

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As the mother of a teen and a tween, I’m always on the lookout for ways to connect with my kids. They’re changing daily, and the things that kept their interest even a week ago may not work today. If you work with teens or want to spend some quality time with your adolescent children this holiday season, try some of these fun ideas.

At our home, we always start with crafts.

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Try this messy but fun project to make colorful yarn balls. I love these year round, but they also look great tucked among holiday greenery, stuffed with white miniature lights, or hanging in the windows. For wonderful directions along with step-by-step photos, visit

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If your boys want to do something a little more manly, try this fun craft made with old washers. The folks at have provided excellent instructions, along with a suggestion for a good adhesive to bond these metal washers together.

Image by has another cute idea with excellent directions listed on her site for this little snowman. I think it’d be fun to raid the old rusty tools and make vintage looking snowmen that may be a little worn and off balance. But if you prefer the shiny look, a full shopping list is provided on the SheeDesigns site.

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If you’re anything like me, you love all things There’s nothing better than a homemade item…even if you order it and let someone else make it! This wire ornament can be ordered online through etsy’s website, but your kids might enjoy making their own versions with various wires, beads, and jewelry pieces. Try making stars, circles, angels, or crosses. There’s no right or wrong way to do this one…just have fun!

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And finally, my absolute favorite find online this year was posted by a delightful blogger at about her Christmas party in 2010. We’ll definitely be using some of the Minute To Win It  ideas around our house this year. What a fabulous way to get kids of all ages laughing along with their parents! Check out her post and learn all about fun competitive games such as: The see-how-many-marshmallows-you-can-get-through-the-wreath-and-into-the-bucket-in-a-minute game; The Can-you-stack-the-cups-with-one-hand-in-a-minute game; The How-many-ornaments-can-you-balance-on-a-yardstick-and-papertowel tube-without-it-falling-over-in-a-minute game; The Can-you-get-the-red-pompom-on-a-string-up-on-your-vaseline-covered-nose-in-a-minute game. And much more!

For additional Christmas Minute-to-Win-it  game ideas, check out a more extensive list with directions for each game by visiting:
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