Day 8: More Fun with Snowmen

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Oh I really do just LOVE snowmen. So when I found these amazing ideas from an absolutely brilliant website called, I was bursting with excitement and planning a snowman party for my kids. I thought you might like some of these super cute ideas…AND enjoy a few more I’ve listed below.


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Let’s start with these adorable peanut snowmen! You can order these online at, but what fun you’ll have making your own with your kiddos! Simply transform roasted, unsalted peanuts into your own silly characters with white acrylic paint; a Sharpie; some bent wire; felt, yarn or boiled wool; bakers twine; acorn caps; and a good batch of glue.

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Here’s another simple snowman for the tree. All you need are three bottle caps; white paint; a Sharpie; glue gun; and a little ribbon. Check out the directions (with photos each step of the way) by visiting

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Now if these aren’t the cutest cake pops ever made, I don’t know what is! I LOVE the bakerella website, where you’ll find specific instructions, photos, shopping lists, and fab photos that make the end result look much prettier than ours (aren’t you glad I’m showing you their photo and not ours?!) Plus…they taste yummy, too! TIP: Find cake pop sticks in the wedding section at discount stores or in the baking section of grocery stores.

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How’d you like to wake up to a happy batch of donut snowmen? With edible ink and a little bling (think powdered sugar and Reese’s peanut butter cups) this morning treat is easy peasy. You could even release your inner Martha Stewart and top the hat with a roasted marshmallow!
Still hungry? Try these super simple snowman pops by dipping oreos into melted white chocolate almond bark (or buying the white chocolate oreos already prepared).  Add details with edible ink pens and candy. Then…the fun part…share the love by giving some away. What joy!

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These five finger snowman ornaments are some of our favorite keepsakes on our tree, and I’ve made them in my classroom for parent gifts several times. For detailed directions with photo tutorial, visit (Tip: You can also make these with just one snowman by only stamping one finger.)
Here’s a cute little snowman bow with directions at Because my daughter no longer wears bows, we crafted a similar design out of thin wire and used it as gift tags (and a few as ornaments for our tree).

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Finally, let your older kids come up with creative ways to turn everyday objects into snowmen….such as this one pictured here made from inexpensive craft store wreaths. Think outside the box. Instead of the same ol’ tree decorations, add a black hat on top of a miniature white artificial tree. Use ornaments to create facial features, buttons, and arms…and voila! You’ve created a will-never-melt snowman for your tween’s room.
Watch for great ideas coming for fun snow sculptures (outside), holiday photo ideas, sweet traditions, and much, much more!
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(Okay, sorry but I have to say it…beware of choking hazards, peanut allergies, and hot glue gun dangers…all you good parents of the world already know how to monitor your kiddos, of course, but I’ve had it smashed into my brain cells by executive legal teams to always point out the possibility of losing life or limb when crafting :) There…you’ve been warned. Ho! Ho! Ho!
peace, love, & joy,

2 thoughts on “Day 8: More Fun with Snowmen

  1. Thanks so much for letting me know that you had linked up my snowmen ornaments here…I love all of the snowman crafts you gathered and will definitely have to look into doing some of them to keep my boys entertained :).

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