Day 9: Lovely Night for a Tour of Lights

It’s the ninth day of our Christmas countdown, and it’s time to get out and see the sparkle! Take your family on a tour of holiday lights. If weather permits, get out of the car and enjoy long, peaceful walks together to view the displays. If you need to bundle up instead, be sure to turn on the Christmas music and enjoy a fun family singalong while you drive.

From Millan.Net

It’s also a great idea to go carolling. While this tradition may sound old-fashioned, carollers roam our old neighborhood every year for an impromptu celebration. Who doesn’t enjoy opening the door to find happy singing visitors? And who doesn’t love to sing Christmas songs?

My kids and I all cracked up laughing this morning during our regular commute into school and work. A man was jogging in a full Santa suit, fake beard and all. He waved to cars as he passed and graciously delivered smiles to a cold Friday morning. I admire people like that…who have such a happy, joyful spirit that they aren’t afraid to just love life. Going for a morning jog? Why not wear that Santa suit? You might have more fun than you’ve had in years!



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