Day 11: Make Your Own Elf on the Shelf

How does Santa really keep an eye on kids? He has elves that do it, of course! That’s the idea behind the Elf on the Shelf. But if forty bucks seems like a bit much to spend on an Elf, you can save money and create memories by helping the kids make their own. Sprinkle magic dust on it, write its name on red or green “Pole Paper” that sends the message directly to Santa, and by the next morning … Voila! Your elf is alive and alert, keeping track of whether children have been “bad or good” and reminding your little ones to be “good for goodness sake!”

Image by Aimee Herring at
With not much more than chenille stems, felt, and craft beads, you can create these adorable elf friends. Visit for instructions.

Image from

Some might enjoy the challenge of a crochet pattern. Check this one out on where the pattern is available for less than five dollars and it includes a second pattern for a female elf!
If your kids are too old to believe the elf is really sneaking around in the night, causing mischief and reporting back to Santa, they might have fun helping you plan the set-up for your younger children. Find 101 Elf on the Shelf Ideas on Blossom Bunkhouse. You might wake to find your elf stuck upside down in the chocolate chip bag, or fishing for goldfish crackers, or driving the Barbie car. And believe me, even in the classroom, it works! Kids can’t wait to find where their elf is hiding each morning, and all you have to do is offer a gentle reminder that “Elvis” is watching, and attitudes adjust immediately.
Happy Elfing!

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