Day 12: Random Acts of Kindness

Nothing we get in this world can be taken with us when we leave. However, we do take with us everything we give. It might have been Henry David Thoreau who first shared such a thought, but the meaning is eternal. This Christmas, remind your children to always give more than they receive.

Start by practicing random acts of kindness. Here are some simple ideas you can do to help kids of all ages remember the reason for the season.

Drop some change into the red kettle, or better yet ring the Salvation Army bell as a family.

Start a new habit of putting extra canned goods in your grocery cart each time you shop. Drop them into the donation bin at the door and help end hunger in your community.

Deliver Meals on Wheels, visit residents at a senior living facility, or rake a neighbor’s yard. Teach your kids to look after the oldest members of your community and to always offer help and companionship when possible.

Secretly pay overdue library fees for strangers or treat a special someone to a hot cup of Joe and a muffin one morning…just because.

Bring in a neighbor’s trash cans, recycle bins, newspaper, or mail. Shovel someone’s snowy drive, place fresh poinsettia in your school, church, or community building. Treat postal workers and librarians to little happies (sweet treats). The options are endless, and it’s fun to see little brains switch from thinking about what they WANT for Christmas to figuring out ways to GIVE to others.

See how one blogger teaches her children to be kinder, more compassionate members of society by practicing random acts of kindness. There, you’ll find many more ideas for reaching out with a generous heart.

Happy giving,


2 thoughts on “Day 12: Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Julie,

    Thanks for sharing this. Random Act of Kindness is such a blessing, to the person receiving and to the person giving. I loved reading the ways that the ‘other blogger’ reached out to others. I was blessed just in reading it.

    Merry Christmas!

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