Day 13: Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!

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Pinecones are Mother Nature’s special way of decorating her living room. And if it’s good enough for Mother Nature, than it’s good enough! Not to mention…it’s the perfect size for little fingers and the options are endless. Try this one, for instance. Add colorful balls of wool or inexpensive craft balls from a discount store. Attach with glue and you’re done!
If pinecones are a little too prickly and glue a little too sticky for you, then try this great idea from familyfun for a cutie patootie pipe cleaner tree. Find instructions here.

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Still a little too much crafting? Try this mess free option for those of you who just don’t like the idea of cleaning up pine needles or glue or beads. Simply cut a tree from green felt and create all sorts of colorful decorations from felt. It works magically…felt sticks to felt! Attach the “tree” to a wall using temporary adhesive strips and give your toddlers a Christmas tree they can decorate again…and again…and again! (Thanks to for this super idea. My kids are too old for this one, but I’m filing it for my classroom.)
For your teen/tween booklover, why not try this fabulous idea for a book tree? I shared this from a post on facebook and despite my best efforts, I can’t find the original source. If you happen to know who gets credit for this one…please share!

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Want to include a little math with that tree crafting, or looking for an idea for the classroom? Try this idea from Mrs. Lee’s Kinderkids. Provide red construction paper and tree pieces. Help children organize the tree strips from longest to shortest before glueing on the paper. Last, dip q-tips in white paint and dot the entire piece with snow. See Mrs. Lee’s blog for many more great teaching ideas for little ones.

Hope you have fun celebrating the Christmas season with those you love. Be sure to check out previous blog posts and stay tuned for more December postings to find tons of ideas to connect with your family this holiday.




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