Meet My Agent: Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson, President of WordServe Literary

If there’s one person in this universe who has made the biggest impact on my life (other than family of course), it’s Greg Johnson, literary agent with WordServe Literary. He signed me as a client when I first pitched my children’s books to him about five years ago, and then he took my novel and ran with it.

If you’re looking for a loyal agent with a long track record of successful contracts, particularly in the CBA market, learn more about Greg and his partner Barbara Scott by visiting




4 thoughts on “Meet My Agent: Greg Johnson

  1. If not for Greg’s encouragement and faith in my work, I’m sure I would have given up long ago. His Christian qualities are evident, and I trust him with what’s so precious to me, my writing career. Thanks, Greg. And thanks, Julie for such an honoring post.

  2. I know I’m married to him, but I have to agree with every word above! Thank you for blessing my husband with this kind post, Julie!

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