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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from David C Cook: February 13-19 pick up a FREE COPY of Into the Free by Julie Cantrell for your Kindle, Nook, or other reading device! This offer is available for ONE WEEK only through most e-book distributors including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

As many of you know, David C Cook is not only a publishing house, they are also a ministry. Because this book has elicited such strong emotional feedback from its early readers, Cook is offering this as a FREE digital download, no strings attached. (Order Books)

I’m excited to share this announcement because it is my hope, as the author, that Millie’s story can help many others heal deep emotional wounds and develop a deeper level of faith.

Please announce this offer everywhere you can. Tweet about it, post it on facebook, blog about it, talk about it, pin it on Pinterest, etc. etc. etc. I know it sounds crazy…but we really do want to give as many copies away for free as we possibly can. David C Cook is THAT kind of publisher. Amazing, isn’t it?!

I encourage you and everyone you know to please give this story a chance (for free!) and then…if you like it…please spread the word. This is a grassroots effort to get this story into the hands and hearts of those who may need it, and to encourage love and kindness among us all.

Thank you David C Cook! And thank YOU, readers, for helping us share Millie’s story with the world.

Happy Valentine’s Week!


6 thoughts on “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from David C Cook

    • Thanks, Donna. I agree…I’ve been steadily amazed and impressed by the incredible folks at David C Cook. Honestly, I can’t imagine a better publishing team, and I’m so thankful for their true Christian spirit. They really seem to have the right priorities, and they have been nothing less than delightful to work with since Day One. That’s saying a lot considering I am a debut novelist who could have easily been cast aside. They never once made me feel second best. In your own words…They’re awesome, awesome, awesome. And, Donna, so are YOU! Thanks for spreading the word about Into the Free! j

  1. I started reading this book yesterday morning, and just finished it. Truly a moving story. The final chapter fills a lot of gaps for me. “Never giving up on me. Knowing all along that I am on a journey. That I must find my own way to Him.” Thank you for sharing this story with us. I am looking forward to more!

    • Vanessa, Thank you so much for spending time in Millie’s world and for your kind note. I’m honored the words moved you and that Millie’s story connected with you on an emotional level. Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad to hear you’ll come back for the sequel. I’m writing it now. Happy weekend! j

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