Into the Free Hits Top-Selling List in First Month of Release

I’m excited to share the following press release distributed this week by my wonderful publisher, David C Cook.
COLORADO SPRINGSDebut novel, Into the Free, by Mississippi author and literacy advocate Julie Cantrell, is quickly making major sales and market impact. David C Cook has confirmed that, as of Fri., Feb. 24, 2012, Into the Free spent five days in the top 100 paid bestseller at It was also: number-five bestseller in literature and fiction in paperback, number-one bestseller in literary fiction in Kindle ebooks, number-one bestseller in historical fiction in Kindle ebooks, number-one bestseller in romance in Kindle ebooks, number-one bestseller in historical romance in Kindle ebooks, number-one bestseller in contemporary fiction in Kindle ebooks, and number-one bestseller in religious fiction in Kindle ebooks. In addition, Into the Free is also in the top 100 on the Barnes & Noble list. On some lists, the book placed above general market bestsellers such as The Help and Water for Elephants.

Ginia Hairston, David C Cook Vice President of Marketing and Multimedia said, “Into the Free is not your typical novel. There is something very exciting about Julie Cantrell’s work of Southern literary fiction. It’s exciting to see how readers are embracing Into the Free, a lyrical, brutal, powerful yet heartwarming tale set in Mississippi during the 1930s. The reviews are glowing, and its popularity continues to grow every day.”

Into the Free also garnered early acclaim with a coveted red-star review in Publishers Weekly and coverage in USA Today, in addition to extensive print, online, and broadcast coverage. Cantrell currently speaks and participates in literary events in her home state of Mississippi and beyond. Cantrell has been thrilled by the response to her first novel. She said, “I am incredibly honored to see my debut novel so well received. It has been surreal to see it listed alongside works by authors I have admired so greatly, and I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback. It’s very gratifying to hear from readers who connect so emotionally with Millie’s story.”

A speech language pathologist and literacy advocate, Julie Cantrell is the editor-in-chief of the Southern Literary Review. She has served as a freelance writer for ten years and has published two children’s books. Cantrell and her family live in Mississippi, where they operate Valley House Farm.

David C Cook is a leading nonprofit resource provider serving the global Church with life-transforming, Christ-centered materials. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo., with offices in Illinois, Canada, and the United Kingdom, David C Cook¹s resources are published in over 150 languages and distributed in more than 160 countries. Originally founded in 1875 as a curriculum publisher, David C Cook today publishes numerous bestselling fiction and non-fiction books from a variety of award-winning authors. It is also a leading provider of worship music through its Integrity Music and Kingsway Music labels, which produce over one-third of the top-100 praise and worship songs sung around the world.


12 thoughts on “Into the Free Hits Top-Selling List in First Month of Release

    • Thanks so much, Keli. I am thrilled and shocked by the response this book is receiving. I have no doubt word is spreading thanks entirely to supportive readers and fellow writers like you. I greatly appreciate that kindness. Happy Thursday! j

  1. So happy for you, Julie! This doesn’t at all surprise me. Not after reading it. It’s the epitome of a breakout novel. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw it as a NYT best seller!

    • Thank you, Katie! Wow…wouldn’t that be amazing. I don’t dare dream that BIG! I’m pretty excited to be receiving lots of feedback from readers who are connecting deeply, personally, emotionally, and spiritually with Millie’s story. That’s a very powerful experience, and it’s one I don’t take lightly. I’m humbled every day by moving letters, some of which include confessions that folks have kept secret their entire lives. It’s incredibly to think this little story really is giving readers a path to peace…and a route into the free. I appreciate your tremendous kindness and support and I look forward to reading your upcoming debut novel soon! j

    • Thanks so much, Chris! I saw your update about an awesome app you’ve created…how fun is that?! You’re always on the cutting edge. I appreciate your kindness and support. Have a wonderful weekend! j

  2. Julie,

    Congrats on your success!!! How did you promote your book? Any paid ads or did you just use the KDP select program?

    I’m an aspiring first time author and would love to know how you went about marketing your magnum opus.

    Appreciate it!

    • Thanks for your interest in the book and for your question about marketing. Not sure what a KDP select program is…hmmm…The truth is, I just got lucky. I have a fabulous publisher (David C Cook) whose marketing team is beyond stellar, and they provided an incredible publicst (Jeane Wynn) who is fantabulous. A whole lot of folks have been working very hard behind the scenes for a very long time to get this story into the hands of readers, and I am beyond grateful to be a small part of an amazingly talented and dedicated team. It’s a joyful experience, no doubt.

  3. I just finished “Into the Free” and cried during the last several pages. Please tell me you are going to write a second book as a followup. There is still so much that needs to be said about Millie, River, Bill and Diana Miller, Jack’s mother & brother, Mabel. PLEASE!! Write a the second book on these people.

    • Hi Jo, Thanks for reading Into the Free and for caring about these characters. I’m glad you’ll stick around for the sequel, which I am writing now. We hope to release it early next spring…so please stay tuned and come back for the next phase of Milie’s life. Cheers, j

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