The Christian Left: Yes, We Do Exist

More than 700 attendees enjoyed the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference 2012

I just returned from the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Dallas, TX. I admit, I was a little worried about what I might find at my very first ACFW event. Would everyone be eating a certain franchise’s chicken sandwiches with or without a pickle? Would I be expected to donate stacks of cash to some gilded offering plate? Would I have to walk to a stage and let some shiny man in a purple suit touch my head and bless me?

In a world of spray-tanned, bleached-teeth televangelists selling credit-card salvation, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Not to mention the onslaught of angry Facebook missives and vicious talk-radio chatter that sadly shines a hateful spotlight on the Christian worldview.

So…after boarding a plane and bulleting myself through the atmosphere (in what amounts to not much more than a metal sleeve with pretty wings and a drink cart)…I am happy to report…all the Christians I met at ACFW were wonderful, compassionate, fun folks! Better yet, I was reminded that liberal-minded Christians aren’t such a slim minority after all.

I’m VERY lucky to have the most wonderful literary agent, Greg Johnson (Left) and the most amazing acquisitions editor, John Blase (Right) who dared to take a chance on Into the Free. I can’t imagine two better guys to have at my side for this journey.

I’m grateful I published Into the Free with a fabulous Christian publishing house, David C Cook. I’m thankful I got to know many wonderfully talented writers who choose to write work that inspires people. I’m excited to return home to use the skills I’ve learned, and I’m humbled by the many people who approached me about the impact Millie’s story has had on them.

I’m so impressed by the people I met this week, I’m eager to introduce them to you. So…watch for tons of fun interviews. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek.

Meet: Lisa Wingate, my friend and ACFW roommate whose brilliant novel, Dandelion Summer, earned the very first PERFECT SCORE and sent Lisa home with a Carol Award.

You’ll LOVE these two brilliant debut authors, Nicole Quigley (Left) whose YA novel Like Moonlight at Low Tide is a must read, and Jordyn Redwood (Mid) whose suspense novel Proof is one you won’t be able to put down until the end. Plus, they are absolutely the sweetest most amazing people you will ever meet. I’m very, very lucky to call them my friends.

And just in case you thought Christian parties weren’t any fun…Meet the werewolf and the robot, two speculative fiction authors who brought the Gala up a notch. (And yes…they’re both super nice guys. I promise!)

5 thoughts on “The Christian Left: Yes, We Do Exist

  1. What fun! Happy to hear Christian writers are normal folk after all!! Can’t wait to meet them thru your blog as we’ll as read their books.

  2. I think I would have had some of your same misgivings about going. I think of Christian publishing as bonnet books and preaching to the choir, which I don’t do. I’m looking forward to your posts about your conference experience.

    • Hi TA…I completely understand. I thought the same thing about Christian Fiction for a long time, but I’m happy to say….there are lots of exciting changes happening in the publishing industry, including some overlap between the Christian and secular publishing realms. It’s fascinating to see lots of readers seeking high quality literary fiction that still sends an inspirational message and handles it all within a G or PG format. I’m discovering some great works and look forward to sharing them with y’all through this blog. Thanks for following..and please share your favorite reads with us too! Cheers, j

  3. hi Julie! It was great to be your roommate at ACFW. I loved spending time with you. Not just everyone will sit up until 2 in the morning talking books and life. What a fun weekend. Just *ahem* borrowed the photo so I can share it on Fb. Can’t believe we didn’t take more. Talk about a whirlwind few days!

  4. Julie, I am so glad we got to connect at ACFW!! Don’t forget to email me the picture of us, if it turned out! Responding to your email now! ACFW is always crazy, wish we’d had more time to chat too! Take care!

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