London nomads, 1976-77, from John Thompson, Street Life in London (1877-78). Source:

In my debut novel, Into the Free, Millie Reynolds watches the Travelers caravan through town each spring. As the years pass, her interactions with them increase and she befriends a Romany boy named River. An older woman travels with River and plays an important part in Millie’s life. Thanks to these “Gypsies,” life in Iti Taloa begins to shift. 

But who are the Romany Americans and why did I choose to thread this strand into my novel? I’ll be blogging all about it and hope you’ll enjoy learning more about this fascinating American subculture.

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About the Roma: A Note Regarding the Term “Gypsy”

About the Roma: A Rose by Any Other Name…

About the Roma: Romani Americans Then and Now

About the Roma: Interview with Romani-American Traveler

About the Roma: Are There Really Kings and Queens?

About the Roma: Which American President Has Romani Roots?

About the Roma: Who Are the Romani People?

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