Since the release of these two picturebooks on March 1, many folks have sent kind comments my way. I’ve included a sample of what I am hearing from readers like you.

“Cantrell’s correspondence between animal behavior and human emotion is perfect and even hilarious at times.  The length of both books is appropriate for very young little ones as Cantrell’s writing is short and simple but profound and truthful.  What meaningful and fun books for parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to read to our children!” – Anna, Lemuria Books

“Your books are adorable! Best wishes in His light.” – Karen Kingsbury, best-selling author

“I adore your books!!! One of my tests for children’s books is to read them to my daughter and she fell in love with yours.” – Melanie Ward, editor, Mississippi Magazine & mother of Mary Pender age 2

“Very good if your child is afraid of the dark. Although the publisher recommends this book for preschoolers to 8 year olds, given the simple nature of the text and the lovely illustrations, many toddlers will like this book, too.” – Kristina Seleshanko, managing editor, Christian Children\’s Book Review

“Using beautiful and fun nature photographs, Julie Cantrell’s God is With Me Through the Day is a simple and satisfying picture book. The author’s approach to fear is suitable for nearly all children; it focuses on the universal feeling of being alone and afraid. Then the author reminds children they are in God’s loving hands and that shouting to the world that they are safe can actually help.” – Kristina Seleshanko, managing editor, Christian Children\’s Book Review

“My daughters loved this book, and my 5 year old had a blast reading it on her own. With colorful, oversized font it is perfect for younger children to follow along with while learning to read or when reading on their own. The pictures are downright adorable. And the message Cantrell shows us through her text and the incorporated pictures is that no matter how small we are or what we do in a day we are strong, protected, and loved- both by our families and by our God.” –  (Day book)

All of the included shots show the animals in such expressive ways that it’s really easy to see how they might be feeling the implied emotions (love, fear, loneliness, etc). I think they’re suited perfectly for this book, and again, with the great font choice, really complete the whole layout package. This is a set of books I think any young child would greatly enjoy. Fun to read, and so easy to look at over and over again. Our Rating: 5 Hearts”  – (Night book)

“What delights me most about God is with Me through the Day/Night by Julie Cantrell is the thoughtful, surprising, gentle pairing of the text and the images of animals. I look forward to sharing these books with my grandchildren!  For several years I had the privilege of working with Julie Cantrell on MomSense magazine published by MOPS International. Julie’s trademarks are her creativity and her understanding of the special bond between mother and child that can be fostered and enjoyed by sharing a book or creative activity.”  – Mary Beth Lagerborg, co-author of Once-a-Month Cooking and author of Dwelling: Living Fully from the Space You Call Home.

“What sweet books! The children at our Parents’ Day Out loved them.” – Dylan Franklin Assistant Director, Children’s Ministry, Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis, Tennessee

“Thank you, Julie! You were delightful!”– Barbara Zeigler, curriculum specialist at Parkview Baptist Preschool, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“I have used the books in both Sunday School and our after school program. They are precious and the kids seem to love them. I even read one to the older elementary kids and they wanted to have a discussion after. Great work!” – Teresa Gardner, children’s director, Marion United Methodist Church, Marion, Arkansas 

“The books would make great gifts and are a must own! They’re fabulous!”- Amy Harbison, teacher & mother of two, Oxford, Mississippi

 “It’s a cute book!” – Jamie Robertson, author of Portraits of Paris: A Traveler’s Literary Companion (release date: Fall 2010), and founder of Southern Literary Review

“The books are adorable!!! We are so happy to have your books in Mathias’ library!”  – Rachael Nickoson, mother of Mathias Li  and preschool teacher at Niwot Community School, Niwot, Colorado

“An amazingly comforting book, this is a must read for families with young children. This short story is perfect for those nights when children need a gentle reminder that they are loved and will always be cared for. The beautiful photos have opened the door to wonderful discussions of the universality of feelings of fear and joy with my children. The simple prose and clear message are the key to this great book. My seven year old asks for this story every night and now wants a seal kiss goodnight every evening! Julie Cantrell has given us a great gift – a book that helps us connect with our children and let them know that they are unconditionally loved. We will pass on our copy for generations.” – review by Marie Barnard,

“I love them!  The kids love the pictures of the funny animals.” – Jessica Dornier, mother of three

“A sweet and simple book with a simple yet powerful message. I thought this would be more suitable for toddler age children but my 7 year old loved the pictures and identified with the little animals afraid at times to venture out into the world and the soothing reassurance that they were not alone. I am going to buy the “God is with Me Through the Night” version also.” – review by M.H. Lilly,

“This book is very well written, simple, and to the point yet it has provoked a great discussion with my oldest child (9 years). It is also a really good early reader for my kindergartener, and my 2 year old loves to talk about the pictures. The pictures and writings coincide beautifully and are powerful, particularly the scripture at the end. I think it is also a great reminder to adults to keep life simple and to remember a few simple words when life gets complicated.”  – review by C. Langendoen,

“Wyatt LOVES the “God is With Me Through the Night” book. The crying bunny and that goofy grinning ostrich are some of his favorite pages.Such a great book!” – Jennifer Dorhauer, mother of three

“Beautiful photos of animals with great message. This book is a wonderful reminder to a young child that God is with you even in the darkness. The photos are beautiful in this book. It would make a nice companion to God is with Me through the Day. My son and I enjoyed the book and the photographs.” – review by bp0602 on 

“I got this book for my son and he absolutely loves it. It is his favorite night time book and it goes well with the Christian faith we are trying to establish in him! Thank you Mrs. Cantrell for making books so enjoyable for children!” – anonymous review on

“This charming little book is a must for every Christian home with young children. Ms. Cantrell captures the essence of childhood fears and wraps them in a warm blanket of Christan love. This book will be a treasure for years to come.” – review on by pookah1943

“This is a great book for any family that likes to read nightime stories to their children, regardless of religion. Our two year old son absolutely loves it and sleeps with it by his bed every night for the time being. Julie Cantrell does a great job contacting with children and therefore it is a book easily understandable for kids and one they will want to read again and again! I strongly recommend this book to families with children or schools that have story time. There is also a book called “God is with me through the Day” that is great for kids as well.” – anonymous review from

“In pictures a child becomes familiar with the Christian view of God’s connection to new experiences that all youngsters encounter in the outside world. The child learns to understand that God is present when unexpected fears arise as new ventures become manifest in a child’s life. Youngsters will ask for this book to be read time and time again as it provides Christian comfort that should accompany every child’s new experience in life.” – Fred Miller, author and doting grandfather

“Wonderful book for young children! This book is a reminder that God is with us where ever we go and He will never leave us alone. Through simple wording and minimal text per page along with stunning animal photographs, the author reminds the reader God is there all day. This book would be excellent for any home library with young children. The children will enjoy the photographs as they listen to a Bible truth. My son and I loved this book, and the beautiful photographs made us smile as we looked at each one.” anonymous review by bp0602 on 

I bought this book for my three year old little boy and so far we had read it every night. It is a sweet book with a great message. He loves studying the animals on each page. ( We bought the night book as well).” anonymous review on


3 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. We absolutely loved having “Miss Julie” come for a visit and read her books to all of the kindergarten students. They enjoyed hearing about Julie’s own animals and then seeing the wonderful photos of the animals in each of her books. The photos so perfectly match the encouraging and sweet words of Julie’s books. Julie’s own soft and gentle voice and her wonderful way of relating to young children kept the children’s complete attention for the thirty-plus minutes she visited with the classes. The children talked about “Miss Julie” long after her visit to our library and her books have been continuously checked out of the library. We can hardly wait for “Miss Julie” to write a new book and perhaps visit us again!

  2. These books are great for kids of all ages. Even though I’m older, it was still a good, simple reminder of God’s love for us.

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