Thanks to WREG Live at 9!

I was very honored to be a guest on WREG Live at 9 Friday, May 29 in Memphis, Tennessee.  To view the interview on YouTube, please click here.

Thanks Barnes & Noble, Germantown!


On Saturday, May 30, I was treated to a sweet and stress-free storytime signing at the Germantown Barnes & Noble in Memphis, Tennessee. The kids were fabulously well-behaved and they loved talking about animals of every shape and size. This was a great way to end the book launch and start a fun-filled summer with my family.

Thanks especially to Melinda, the superiorly talented storytime lady who welcomed me whole-heartedly into her terrain with unmatched kindness. Thanks also to the professional and personable staff members, as well as the community relations manager, Valerie Schranz. I greatly enjoyed my visit to your store.

Big Thanks to Trinity Baptist!


I was fortunate to visit Trinity Baptist Mother’s Morning Out in Cordova, Tenn. not once, but twice in the last two weeks. Director Lisa Buckner was extremely welcoming and the sweet children were tons of  fun. I’ve seen a lot of preschool programs, and I have to say – this one was super impressive.


I really enjoyed spending time with such a fabulous group! My eyes even teared over when a brother and sister (pictured above) told me their happy thoughts were each other.


Life has a tendency to get too busy for most of us. In fact, on the commute home from my first visit to Trinity, I had a flat tire. Thankfully, my heroic husband was willing to swoop in and save the day. The trick was that he had to drive an hour and a half to get to me. In the meantime, I was stuck in my van with nothing to do but think, call a few friends, and count my blessings.

It was actually a treat to have over an hour of “free time” and even the time I spent waiting in the Goodyear lobby for my tires to be replaced was a welcoming chance to sit and flip through magazines. That’s why I truly treasure the moments I get to sit on the floor and talk to kids during my author visits. They know how to keep life simple. Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Play. Pray. Create. Question. Learn. My kind of folks.


Thanks Trinity for helping me sell over 100 books and for all the High-Fives. Happy Summer!