Day 22: A Little Angel Did It!

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If this beautiful photograph by doesn’t inspire you to wear wings, I don’t know what will. Help your little ones learn the importance of practicing kindness, even when no one is around to see. For the entire day, they should sneak around and practice random acts of kindness. When asked, “Did you make your sister’s bed?” They should say, “A little angel did it!”


Help point out ideas so they can learn to look for opportunities such as cleaning up the toys, taking the dish to the sink after dinner, sharing the last cookie, etc. It won’t take long for the lesson to sink in: kindness is fun! And it’s even better when it’s given without being recognized for the effort.


Practice Random Kindness

Need one more Thanksgiving idea for the holidays? Try Secret Acts of Kindness!

Write the name of each family member on a separate slip of paper and place them in a bag. Have each family member draw one name of another family member. That is now their secret person to bless.

The next day they are to do something to show that person that they appreciate them; BUT —  this is to be done secretly.

Think simple acts of kindness. Write a note, make a gift, do a chore for that person, etc. Teach your little ones how good it feels to show appreciation for others (without getting credit for it). Who knows — these random acts of kindness may just become a habit.



We’re All The Same


A friend shared a link on my facebook page that I’d like to share with you. No words needed. Just take a couple of minutes to enjoy the show, and remember – we all dance to the same internal rhythms. Can you hear the music?  Click here: Stand By Me