Double the Decker, Double the Fun



Double Decker weekend in Oxford is one of my favorite events each year. I love to lollygag around the Square, tapping my toes to tempting tunes and indulging in sinful homemade ice cream sandwiches the size of a basketball (YUM!).

With my in-laws on the calendar, I was looking forward to my first weekend off since the books were released March 1. Then I was asked to drop in Square Books, Jr. during the festival and sign for a bit. Now – no matter how much I needed a break – that was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I spent about two hours in the bookstore and really enjoyed meeting people from all around the country. I couldn’t believe how far folks traveled to attend our fabulous festival. Scotland, New York, and Seattle were just a few of the unique areas from which visitors launched their trek to my dear old Oxford. It was wonderful to see many friendly faces drop in for a chat as well. And thanks to all of you, the books were a steady sell — with the bookstore hanging on to the few spare copies, so you can find them there if you’re still searching for a special gift.

I’m happy to say that book sales continue to soar across the south, and it looks like the news is out in other areas of the country as well. I’m hearing feedback from friends in Colorado, New Hampshire, Texas, Maryland, and Illinois that they’ve found the books at their local bookstores.  I’m also seeing additional online sources added each day, including Books-A-Million and other large chains which I assume are stocking copies on shelves as well.

So far, Barnes & Noble,, Lifeway, and have been big supporters. Of course, I am partial to the independent booksellers and boutiques who have played a tremendous role in the success of these little books.  Not to mention the many of you who have promoted these books with a passion I can’t possibly explain. Word-of-mouth has proven to be my weapon of choice — and boy, oh boy, and I glad my friends talk as much as I do (smile). (Please refer to the Order Books tab for a list of booksellers — which I’ll try to update in a few days).

Thanks to each and every one of you —  for your continued interest and for helping these stories land across the country. It’s been an exciting ride for me, and I hope you’re getting to experience the excitement, too!