Taylor Swift Sends Positive Message to Girls

Taylor Swift

The 2009 American Music Award nominees were announced this month, and I admit I wasn’t surprised at all to see Taylor Swift take the lead with a whopping six nods! Swift’s nominations include Artist of the Year; Favorite Country Album (for Fearless); Favorite Female Pop or Rock Artist; and Favorite Female Country Artist – no small feat for a teen country artist.

taylor swift guitar

Before you go knockin’ her off as another flashy trend that will quickly fade, I encourage you to consider what makes her stand out from the crowd. First, she writes her own songs. Second, she plays guitar (some piano) while singing the notes like a songbird — as if she finds true pleasure in every single beat. Third, she isn’t some bitter, parent hating, provocative dressing, attention seeking unhappy child of a dysfunctional family — at least she doesn’t sell herself as one. She actually comes across as a grateful, talented young woman who has worked hard to achieve her dreams. Fourth, she puts on an incredible, power-packed concert from start to finish.

Taylor Swift_2

I wasn’t always such an avid Swift fan, but I became convinced of her extraordinary talent when our family traveled to Little Rock recently to treat our 11-year old daughter to her very first concert. Emily adores Taylor Swift, and we all prefer her music to that of many other teen bands; but I had no idea how much we would all enjoy the concert. Now, I’m the first to say that Swift certainly deserves the 6 AMA nominations, and we’ll all be rooting for her to take home the goods on November 22.

Taylor Swift Stage

But the best thing about seeing Swift perform live with my daughter was the message that Emily took home. Swift said everything a girl that age needs to hear — all without preaching.

Boys? “They shouldn’t do mean things.”

Popularity? “When you’re an adult, if you have anything unique about you, you’re lucky!”

Loneliness? “I guess it doesn’t matter that I didn’t have any friends in Jr. High, when I get to play to a sold out crowd in Little Rock tonight!” 

The list goes on and on. The show was honestly (and surprisingly) the best concert I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen a lot. I’m just an old, frumpy mom, and even I came out of the arena feeling a surge of Girl Power! When I asked Emily what she learned from the concert, she summed it up best: “I can be anything I want to be, and I shouldn’t let boys be mean to me.”

Taylor Swift Fearless

Thanks Taylor! We can’t wait to see your next tour!

Surely, I’m Not the Only One!

If you’ve been following my blog, you already know I appreciate the simple things in life.  Today, I stumbled across a site for women who share my point of view. The Simple Woman\’s Daybook

I’ve posted my list from the site, and I encourage you to post yours here as well. Share your thoughts, so that we can all focus on the simple pleasures in life.

Outside my window… 13 happy children riding bikes and playing football. Plus Ellie, our Golden Retriever, whose birthday is TODAY!

Dog's Birthday

 I am thinking… that I need to pack for our trip tomorrow -Little Rock, here we come!

I am thankful for… family and friends.

dog party

From the kitchen… Birthday cake & ice cream from Ellie’s birthday party this afternoon, plus leftover cucumber salsa and chocolate Torte from my Wine between the Lines book club gathering last night at Carol’s house (who is one of the most talented chef’s you’ll ever meet — her leftovers are being enjoyed as I type!). And…leftover shrimp etoufee is simmering on the stove. Today – I’m all about leftovers!


I am wearing… Jeans and white shirt. My jacket, socks, and shoes were kicked off as soon as I got in from a conference today. They’re still on the floor and sofa…right where I left them (sigh).

I am creating… A blog entry. A non-fiction book about our farm. A second novel. Another children’s book. A home my family wants to come back to. An open door for friends.

I am going… to backpack in the Smokies with my family in two weeks.


I am reading… The Samurai’s Garden; Mary; Julie & Julia; and Billy Ray’s Farm (just to name a few).

I am praying… for peace. Just imagine…if everyone was kind all the time – all the world’s problems would be solved.

I am hearing… a report about a hostage situation that took place today in our small town. Very sad.  I offer a prayer for those families as well. I also hear kids laughing, my daughter humming, our neighbor’s dogs barking, and our parakeet chirping – which makes me even more grateful, knowing that at any second those sounds could change to police sirens and helicopter propellers. You just never know. I say another prayer.

I am hoping…I never again lose someone I love.

On my mind…All the things I need to do before we leave town tomorrow morning.


Around the house… Friends. Pets. Books. A never-ending To-Do List.



One of my favorite things… is a house full of joy.

 Plans for the weekend…We’re taking our children to their very first concert – Taylor Swift! Weekend trip to Little Rock!