Books Kids Will Love

If you’re struggling to find books your kids will love to read, check out these great resources.

Read Kiddo Read!  Author James Patterson hosts a website with great recommendations for children’s books. You can search age and genre to find the perfect picks for even your most timid readers:

Guys Read, Too! Here’s another one of my absolute favorite resource sites for books my son will like: This site is geared for parents of boys who just can’t find anything they really want to read.

Or…They Listen! We all know some kids process auditory information better than visual. That’s one of the many reasons it helps children to hear us read aloud to them. But…even the best days don’t always allow as much time as we’d like to read aloud to our kids. That’s where this great site comes in: Here,  you can listen to a huge collection of online library audiobooks for free!

Try letting your reluctant reader listen along as s/he turns pages of the book you’ve actually checked out from you own local library. Don’t let this replace quality family storytime, but it’s a great reinforcement activity to build your kids’ interest in literacy.



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Thanks for the Smiles, Discovery Day!

 I was very excited to join the spirited preschool children at Discovery Day School in the Oxford University United Methodist Church on Wednesday, March 11. Here I am with two classes – roaring like lions!



Of course, they don’t always act like ldscf0505ions. Sometimes, they’re just sweet, cuddly little lambs. They taught me tons of new happy thoughts to keep away the scary dreams: Riding bikes without swallowing bugs; not falling out of a tree when you sleep; and letting your pet pterodactyl drive your monster trucks. Not bad for an on-the-spot assignment. Gotta love kids’ imaginations

BIG Thanks to Peas & Carrots!

BIG Thanks to all of you who came out for my very first book signing. The fun event was hosted by Peas & Carrots, a fabulous children’s boutique in Oxford, Ms.


I was shocked to look up at one point to see the line stretched out the door! I’m thrilled to report we sold more than 100 books in an hour!


Of course my favorite part of this whole adventure is interacting with the children. They never fail to deliver smiles – like the little boy who told me his daddy was smarter than his mama. (Yikes!)

I am truly humbled and extremely appreciative of the support I’ve received from this amazing community. I hope your families can enjoy snuggles and stories with these little books for years to come.


From the Cantrell Family –

Charles, Julie,                   Adam, and Emily